The 3 Worst Ways to Handle Payroll Tax Problems

Things are already bad. You know you have unpaid payroll taxes—the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) knows it too. You want to make things better and do what you can to protect both your business and individual interests. As you begin to think about how to handle your payroll tax problems, it is just as important to know about three mistakes that will make matters even worse.

If You Have Payroll Tax Problems, Don’t Do These Three Things

Your tax problems may become more complicated and the consequences more serious if you:

  • Ignore the problem. If you do not respond to IRS notices and letters, the IRS will proceed the way that it wants to proceed. You may lose the opportunity to negotiate an alternative solution to your payroll tax liability. Instead, you may be stuck with the solution imposed by the IRS.
  • Lie. It may be tempting to make up a compelling story to justify your actions—or inactions. Don’t do it. It could cause you even more trouble with the IRS.
  • Pick the wrong fight. Now is not the time to argue that the tax is ethically, legally, or constitutionally wrong and, as such, should not have been imposed in the first place.

Of course, this list is not all-inclusive—there are other things that could hurt your claim. However, they are not as important as understanding what you should do next.

Contact A Payroll Tax Attorney

It is important to avoid the big mistakes described above, and it is also important to know what you should do next. One way to protect your rights is to educate yourself about your legal options. To do so, we encourage you to browse the free resources available on this website and to read our FREE book The Ultimate Survival Guide for IRS Problems. Then, if you have specific questions about your unique payroll tax problem, please contact our payroll tax attorneys directly at 800.721.7054.