How a Tax Wage Garnishment Could Hurt Your Oklahoma Family—and What You Can Do about It

Your family depends on you to not only be there for them physically and emotionally, but also financially. They are dependent on your income to help pay your rent or mortgage, for food, clothing, and other necessities. Thus, when you face an IRS wage garnishment, it won’t only be you who is hurt by the loss of income. It could also be your children, your spouse, and those whom you love the most.

Protect Your Dependents from the IRS

The IRS doesn’t care what a wage garnishment will do to you. To them, you are the one who failed to pay your taxes in full and on time in the first place. However, in some cases, the IRS may be more sympathetic toward your dependents. Thus, if you have dependent children, a sick spouse, or elderly parents who may be adversely affected by an IRS wage garnishment, then you may be able to negotiate with the IRS. Do not accept that your children may have to change schools, that your spouse cannot get his or her medicine, or that your parents will be out on the street without first talking to an experienced tax lawyer in Norman who is on your side and who will fight to protect your family. 

Call a Norman Tax Attorney to Learn More about Your Rights 

Your tax problems are no longer just about you. For more information about what you can do to protect your family now, please contact an experienced Norman tax lawyer. Our lawyers will work hard to help you satisfy your outstanding tax debts with the IRS or OTC while protecting your family.

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