You Can Complain to Your Local Representative, but That Won't Solve Your Tax Problem

There always will be people who, when they have suffered a perceived injustice at the hands of a government agency, shoot off a letter to their local congressperson—or, even visit a representative's office in-person—asking for redress. While this is a perfectly reasonable response, especially in our democracy, it's pretty much useless when it comes to your tax problems. The time you spend talking to your state senator would be better spent enlisting the aid of an experienced tax lawyer!

Politicians Have Better Things to Worry About Than Your Tax Bill

Why won't your local congressperson do anything (except listen politely) about that $50,000 back tax bill you just received from the IRS? Here are some reasons:

  • You're not a big enough fish to be worth the attention. If you're a major campaign donor, then maybe—just maybe—your representative will make some inquiries. Otherwise, you're out of luck.
  • Your representative has more important things on her agenda. Getting a huge tax bill may be a defining event in your life; that doesn't mean an elected official will take it nearly as seriously.
  • There's not much your representative can do. Everyone in the U.S. has to pay his taxes; you can't expect your local congressperson to finagle an exception for you!
  • Your representative doesn't have the requisite clout. If you happen to know a U.S. senator, you may get some traction on your tax complaint. But, a state politician simply doesn't have that much power.
  • Your taxes pay politician's salaries. Politicians are paid out of public funds, which may make them more inclined to side with the IRS in any tax dispute you bring to their attention.

Don't Waste Your Time with Politicians. What You Need Is an Experienced Tax Lawyer

While complaining to your state senator or congressperson may be a cathartic experience, it won't do anything to resolve your tax problem—and it can actually be harmful, since the clock is ticking on that IRS collection notice, and you're wasting valuable time. If you are an Oklahoma resident who is being dunned by the IRS for back taxes, you should consult an Oklahoma tax expert from the law firm of Travis W. Watkins, PC. Call us today at 800-721-7054 to find out what we can do for you!