Arm Yourself With Knowledge When Facing the IRS: Experienced Tax Attorneys Helping Texans Resolve Tax Debt

When the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) comes calling, most of us know enough to take notice. Those who don't will quickly learn the importance of responding promptly to the IRS when wages are garnished or liens are applied. Unfortunately, too many taxpayers make the mistake of attempting to resolve their tax problems without the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced tax attorney. Working with the powerful IRS without an ally in your corner is like a David vs. Goliath matchup.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer When Facing a Federal Tax Liability Problem?

Dealing with the IRS is as much an art as it is a science. At the Law Offices of Travis W. Watkins, we are well-versed in all of the ins and outs that come with successfully navigating a federal tax liability issue, and we serve all of Texas from our Dallas office. It is our goal to help all our clients achieve the best possible resolution to their tax debt problems. Why hire an attorney? Here are three important reasons to consider:

  1. Even if only one IRS Revenue Officer contacts you, do not be fooled. The IRS is a large and powerful organization with vast resources at its disposal. Taxpayers without representation are at a significant disadvantage.
  2. You may not realize that there are many potential alternative solutions available to you. Paying all of your debt in full, including interest and penalties, may not be your only option. This is especially important for taxpayers who face economic hardship or other extenuating circumstances.
  3. The financial consequences of a federal tax problem are too severe not to be taken seriously. Individuals may find themselves facing tax levies, wage garnishments, or liens. Business owners may be placing the financial health of their business in jeopardy if a large debt is owed. When dealing with the IRS, it is crucial to arm yourself with as much knowledge and experiences as possible in order to reduce the chance of severe, long-lasting effects on your financial well-being.


Of course, there is no requirement that you hire a tax attorney to handle your IRS liability matter. We simply do not recommend it when so much is at stake.

What Should You Do Next When Facing an IRS Tax Problem?

Once you are notified by the IRS that you have an outstanding liability, it is important to act both quickly and carefully. We recommend that you take the following steps:

  1. Contact an experienced and knowledgeable tax attorney. This is a highly specialized area of law, and it is important to work with a legal professional who has an extensive background dealing with the Internal Revenue Services.
  2. Pay close attention to all deadlines imposed by the IRS. It is important during this process to not inadvertently create further problems for yourself. It is also important to demonstrate to the IRS that you area cooperative and seeking a reasonable and fair resolution to the issue.
  3. Do not take any action or agree to any type of fine, penalty, settlement, or other request by the IRS without first consulting with your tax attorney. Doing so could severely harm your ability to find an alternative solution to your problem.
  4. Avoid doing anything else that could potentially harm your case. This means continuing to pay your tax obligations, paying close attention to business taxes, and not making a plea to the IRS Revenue Officer that you are working with without first consulting with your attorney.


By taking the right actions, you dramatically improve your chances of finding the best possible solution to your federal tax problem. For a detailed guide to this process, we encourage you to get started by checking out our free book The Ultimate Survival Guide for IRS Problems.

Why Choose the Law Offices of Travis W. Watkins?

Simply put, we suggest that you contact our office because we know what it takes to help your resolve your federal tax issues. For over 15 years we have helped clients from all walks of life navigate this difficult process. It is our passion to serve as your personal weapon against the Internal Revenue Service.

We promise our clients prompt and reliable service, an open-door policy when it comes to questions about your case and the progress that has been achieved, and continuous updates on that status of your matter. We are also pleased to offer a wealth of information to our clients in the form of valuable educational materials, many of which can be accessed directly from our website.

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