What Happens When You Can’t Pay Oklahoma Taxes on Time and How a Tulsa Tax Lawyer Can Help

You know that it is time to file your Oklahoma state tax returns and to pay the state taxes that you owe. What you may not know is where the money is going to come from to pay your taxes.

What the Oklahoma Tax Commission Says to Do if You Can’t Pay Your Taxes on Time

If you can’t pay your taxes on time, then the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) suggests that you:

  • File your taxes on time anyway. You will receive a bill for the outstanding taxes owed, including penalties and interests. 
  • Contact the Compliance–Collections Division if you cannot satisfy your tax debt during the billing cycle.

If you do not pay your tax debt within the billing cycle and an alternative payment option cannot be reached with the Compliance–Collection Division of the OTC then your tax debt may be sent to a collections agency.

What an Experienced Tulsa Tax Lawyer Says to Do if You Can’t Pay Your Taxes on Time

If you owe back taxes to the OTC, we encourage you to contact an experienced Tulsa tax attorney as soon as possible. It is important to reach an alternative solution with the OTC as soon as possible so that you have the financial certainty that you need to adequately plan for your future and so that your tax problems do not become more complicated.

You do not have to negotiate with the OTC on your own. Instead, you have the right to contact an Oklahoma tax attorney for help. Your lawyer will help you resolve your tax issues with the OTC and with the IRS, if applicable. For more information, please contact our Oklahoma tax law firm today at 800-721-7054, and please read a FREE copy of our book, The Ultimate Survival Guide for IRS Problems.