Why You Might Want to Settle Your Tax Debt With the Oklahoma Tax Commission

You have been notified that the Oklahoma Tax Commission believes that you owe outstanding taxes. As tempting as it may be to ignore the notice, it is important that you take action. If you fail to take action, then you are at the mercy of the actions of the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC), which could have dire consequences for you as an individual or an Oklahoma business owner.

4 Reasons to Consider Settling Your OTC Tax Claims

As you consider your legal options, it is important to consider settling your OTC claims so that you:

  1. Do not continue to accrue interest and penalties that will make your ultimate tax liability larger.
  2. Have certainty about your financial future and can plan accordingly.
  3. Do not jeopardize your business or your assets.
  4. Can sleep soundly at night, knowing that you do not have a tax problem that could put you, your business, and your family at risk.


Of course, it is not enough just to tell the OTC that you want to settle your case. Instead, you need to offer a reasonable settlement that meets the OTC requirements and that has a reasonable chance of getting accepted so that you can realize the benefits of a settled tax debt.

Don’t Do it Alone; Call a Tulsa Tax Lawyer Today for Help

Ultimately, your settlement is before the OTC, and your money will satisfy your tax bill. However, you do not have to negotiate your own settlement. Instead, you have the right to contact an experienced Tulsa tax attorney for help.

Your lawyer will advise you of your rights and work hard to resolve all of your outstanding tax issues with the OTC (and the IRS, if applicable). For more information, please contact a Tulsa tax lawyer today via this website or by calling 800-721-7054, and please read our FREE book, The Ultimate Survival Guide for IRS Problems.