What Oklahoma Tax Payers Should Know before They File IRS Doubt as to Liability

Nobody is happy to receive an IRS bill. Yet, the bill can be even more frustrating when you have already paid your taxes, and you do not believe that you owe the back taxes that the IRS has assessed. You shouldn’t have to pay the taxes twice because of an IRS error, but how will you convince the IRS that an error has occurred?

One way to address the problem is to file a type of Offer in Compromise, known as Doubt as to Liability. When you file a Doubt as to Liability, you are telling the IRS that you dispute all of or part of the back taxes that the IRS claims that you owe. Clearly, the IRS isn’t going to be pleased to hear this news. Thus, it is important that you know what you are doing before you submit your paperwork.

3 Things You Should Know before You File

If you are considering filing a Doubt as to Liability Offer in Compromise, it is important to know that:

  1. You have the burden of proof. The IRS tax bill will stand unless you convince the IRS that it is fully or partially wrong. You will need to provide documentation to substantiate your reasoning.
  2. You have the right to hire a lawyer. You have the right to seek legal help before submitting your Doubt as to Liability. You may have a lawyer help you prepare to file and actually file this type of Offer in Compromise on your behalf.
  3. You have the right to file the Doubt as to Liability if you believe the IRS made a mistake. Do not let an IRS agent tell you otherwise.

If you are successful, and the IRS accepts your Doubt as to Liability, you may see your tax bill reduced or eliminated.

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