What to Do if the Oklahoma Tax Commission Says You Owe Outstanding Sales Tax

Every business goes through a time when, for one reason or another, things are hard. Perhaps the economy is affecting your sales, you are sick, or you are short staffed. Any of these scenarios can make running a business challenging at best and disastrous at worst. Yet, the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) isn’t sympathetic to your plight. They expect you to continue paying your sales taxes on time and when you don’t, or when the OTC thinks you don’t, you will be notified of the alleged violation and potential penalties.

What You Should Do as Soon as the OTC Contacts You

If you receive a notice that your business is behind on paying sales taxes to the OTC, then it is important to:

  1. Take the letter seriously. The OTC is taking the alleged violation seriously and will follow through with penalties. If you fail to convince the OTC that you have paid your taxes or fail to work out a plan with the OTC to pay back sales taxes, then you could lose your business, and you could go bankrupt—and you will still owe the back sales tax together with interest and penalties.
  2. Conduct your own investigation. Sometimes the OTC makes mistakes. It is important to review your books and receipts with an experienced accountant or bookkeeper. If you can prove that you paid the taxes the OTC is accusing you of not paying, then you may not owe the OTC any money, and the case may be closed.
  3. Call an experienced Oklahoma City tax lawyer. The OTC means business and is committed to getting its money. If you are interested in pursuing a settlement with the OTC then it is important to have an Oklahoma City tax attorney on your side.

The OTC can’t afford to give you a break. If it did, then it would need to give other businesses the same break, and the state government wouldn’t be able to run. However, that doesn’t mean that the OTC is unwilling to negotiate or that a settlement can’t be reached.

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