Will it help to remind the IRS of my past compliance when cutting a deal with them today?

Piling tax debt upon tax debt, year after year (a phenomenon called 'pyramiding'), is a no-no with the IRS.  Its Internal Revenue Manual reminds agents to make an example out of the pyramiding taxpayer.  So, the opposite status (past compliance) must be important, and it is.  Don't expect the IRS to make that argument for you, though.

When you are trying to settle your tax problem, you have got to remind the IRS that you are not pyramiding.  You have a good record, and that the current tax problem is an abhoration.  Only make this argument if that is indeed true, however.

The IRS hates it when you bring this little fact to their attention.  OKC tax lawyer, Travis Watkins at 405-607-1192 knows this first-hand, as he deals out these crushing blows to the IRS daily.  Remember, when it comes to presenting your options and advocating for the best deal possible on your tax problem, the government is not here to help you.

Travis Watkins
Senior Tax Attorney