Why should I spend money I could pay the IRS to hire an Oklahoma tax lawyer?

If you have the money to pay your taxes in full, by all means do so.  Full pay cuts off penalties and interest that end up burying you in the long run.  However, what if you don't think you owe the tax?  What if you have some money now, but less than all of it to pay the IRS? Will the IRS knock off some of the crippling penalties and interest, since you have legitimate reasons why you did not file and/or pay on time?

These are the types of things that a local, licensed tax lawyer can help you with.  If you don't have a plan in place to keep the IRS collection arm off of your back, the IRS will typically keep bugging you for the money (including penalties and interest) until it gets it.  This includes wage and bank levies and seizure of your property. If you have a state license for your profession, you may find your license suspended or revoked until you have taken care of the problem.  Most of our clients find that the money they spend in fees more than outweighs the money they would spend fighting the IRS' relentless collection attempts themselves.