Why should I hire a local lawyer to handle my IRS problem?

There are a lot of fly-by-night tax resolution companies popping up everywhere.  They offer big results and big promises.  Most of these companies are outside of Oklahoma.  Unfortunately, the internet is rife with horror stories and consumer complaints about these frauds who capitalize on the emotional distress that accompanies every tax problem.  I have fixed my fair share of the messes created by these firms that often do nothing but charge a huge upfront fee or a recurring monthly charge.  Do your homework on these outfits before agreeing to send them your hard earned money.  I plan to compile some of my findings about these charlatans into a new book, so stay tuned! 

A local licensed lawyer like me has several advantages to offer you, that these other companies don't have.  First, I practice in front of the local IRS and its revenue and appeals officers on a daily basis; Second, and perhaps most importantly, I have the ability to file a lawsuit if things are not going your way;  Finally, you can come down to my office, right here in Oklahoma City, look me in the eye and shake my hand.  I have a reputation to uphold in this community and our small shop atmosphere will give you the attention you deserve.