Why isn’t the IRS considering my past track record of paying most of my taxes on time?

Quite simply, the IRS only has a very limited interest in your previous record of paying federal taxes. A good past track record will not make your current tax problems any better. However, they will prevent those problems and related penalties from getting worse. The IRS is not going to make this point for you, though. Instead, you are going to have to remind the IRS of your past compliance with the federal tax code.

Right now, the IRS is interested in resolving the problem of your unpaid taxes. To that end, the IRS officer assigned to your case has a clear directive from the agency. The officer is supposed to get you to pay the most amount of money as quickly as possible. That is how the IRS envisions your tax problem going away, regardless of your previous track record of paying your federal taxes on time.

That may not, however, be the only way to resolve your tax problems. There may be alternative solutions, such as offers in compromise, that can be negotiated with the IRS to make your tax problems go away.

Not all tax problems are the same. If you have been contacted by the IRS, or think that you may have outstanding tax problems, then we encourage you to contact an experienced Oklahoma City tax attorney. A lawyer can help you learn more about your rights and about your possible recovery. Our lawyers welcome your inquiry via this website or by phone at 800-721-7054. We invite you to read our FREE book, The Ultimate Survival Guide for IRS Problems, to learn more.