Who are the "other guys" you are talking about in your radio ad?

Basically, well, they're "the other guys."  Here are 3 distinguishing features of the "other guys":

1. The bulk of "other guy" overhead is heavy on advertising, and light on helping taxpayers.  When the J.K. Harris ship was sinking and in flames, its namesake John Harris sincerely stated with a straight face, "if we don't get another million in the next 30 days, so we can advertise, we're through."  Well, they didn't get that million, and thankfully they are through. When Tax Resolution Specialists' leading man, Michael Rozbruch, feigned offense with Rush Limbaugh's gaff last month and staged a faux boycott of El-Rushbo, he gaffed on himself and told the media he spent $9 million a year advertising on the EIB network.  $9 million!!?!! 

2. The "other guys" aren't really local, licensed lawyers. Tax help franchises and national chains are big on promises, small on delivery.  The big "other guys" (Roni Deutch, TaxMasters, JK Harris) proved that, and those firms are no more. So, they are the failed "other guys" of old.  Look out for new "other guys" touting multiple locations in the "metro area."  These "other guys" are franchisees with "other guys" out of state.  They are aspiring to be the failed "other guys" of old, and you don't want to send your money there.  Just ask the JK Harris and TaxMasters clients who are now known as unsecured creditors.  

3. They're literally sharks!  I cringe every time I hear that "other guy" that advertises constantly on OKC radio, trying to scare everyone (a classic "other guy" technique, by the way).  He says that you should always check a lawyer's reputation before hiring him for your tax problem.  With that, I agree.  That "other guy" bids on this guy (search term derivatives of "travis watkins") in his Google AdWords campaign to steer traffic to his own website!  That "other guy's" reputation precedes him.  If it has teeth, fins and swims like a shark... 

Don't settle for the "other guys" and their sharp, shameless tactics.  Get the real Travis Watkins at 405-607-1192.

Travis Watkins
Senior Tax Attorney