Where do I submit Form 8857 in order to obtain innocent spouse relief from tax debt?

If you are an innocent spouse and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is pursuing you for unpaid tax debts, you may be eligible for relief. Hand Putting an Envelope into an Open MailboxRequesting this relief requires the completion and submission of Form 8857, Request for Innocent Spouse Relief. This form must be submitted to the IRS at the proper location and in the proper manner in order for it to be reviewed favorably.        

Three Methods for Submitting a Request for Innocent Spouse Relief to the IRS

How can you submit your Request for Innocent Spouse Relief? The following is an overview:

  1. If you are sending in your request through the U.S. Postal Service, Form 8857 should be mailed to the Internal Revenue Service at P.O. Box 120053 in Covington, Kentucky, zip code 41012.
  2. Alternatively, you may wish to use a private delivery service to submit Form 8857 to the IRS. If doing so, the form should be taken to the Internal Revenue Service, 201 W. River Center Boulevard, Stop 840F, in Covington, Kentucky, zip code 41011.
  3. Another option is to submit your request through fax. When submitting a request via fax, Form 8857 and any attachments should be sent to the IRS at 855-233-8558.

Regardless of which method you choose, your full name and social security number should be written on any attachments to your form. Understanding where not to send the form is perhaps equally as important as understanding the acceptable means of delivering it to the IRS. Taxpayers should be aware that Form 8857 should never be filed with a tax return or with the Tax Court.

Understanding how to go about obtaining an alternative solution to a tax problem is not an easy process unless you have experience working with the IRS. Fortunately, we are here to help guide you through the process. You can learn more about dealing with tax debt issues by reviewing our free guide, The Ultimate Guide for IRS Problems, today.