An IRS Revenue Officer is trying to contact me. Is there anything I should keep in mind?

An IRS Revenue Officer is an employee of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). His job is to collect unpaid tax debt owed by taxpayers. If you find yourself in a position where a Revenue Officer is trying to contact you, cooperation can go a long way. It is also crucial to seek the guidance of an experienced attorney in order to protect your rights and improve your chances of finding a resolution to the debt.

5 Tips for Interacting With an IRS Revenue Officer

If an IRS Revenue Officer has contacted you, it is important to try to keep your composure. To do so, remember the following:

  1. Generally, IRS Revenue Officers are more highly trained than any other group of employees within the IRS tasked with collecting your tax debt.
  2. You may be more likely to capture the interest of an IRS Revenue Officer if you represent a corporation, owe employment taxes, are a repeat offender, or have failed to file your taxes.
  3. The IRS Revenue Officer is likely not going to limit his contact to phone calls or letters. The Officer is a field agent, meaning he will go out looking for you, and it will not be difficult. This is because Officers work from local offices. The Officer assigned to your case will be coming from Oklahoma, not from some distant location on the other side of the country.
  4. IRS Revenue Officers frequently make their visits on Fridays, especially around holiday weekends.
  5. In most cases, the IRS Revenue Officer is motivated to find a resolution for your case and close the file. As a result, cooperating with the Officer can improve your chances of a favorable outcome.


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Travis Watkins
Senior Tax Attorney