The IRS told me that I have to consent to extending their statute of limitations in order to finalize an installment agreement. Is this true?

It is a very rare occasion (too rare to go into in depth) that I would volunteer to extend the IRS' limitations period.   Sometimes the IRS asks you to sign and sometimes they don't.  If the time remaining to collect against you is short, you can almost count on a consent form request from the IRS.  Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous collection officers that tell you that you must sign a consent form to finalize an installment agreement.  This is not true!  Think about it.  No one would ever qualify for a partial pay installment agreement if the IRS could simply require you to extend their statute of limitations.  The IRS cannot get blood out of a turnip.  If you are in financial straights, I cannot fathom a fact scenario where you would benefit from extending the 10 year CSED.  You may be a candidate for currently not collectible status if this scenario describes you.