How can I avoid tax problems when making payments to the Oklahoma Tax Commission?

When it comes to avoiding tax problems in Oklahoma, paying the taxes that you owe is an excellent first step. Merely submitting payment, however, is not enough to ensure that you are complying with all of the Oklahoma Tax Commission’s requirements. The payment must also be submitted in the proper form and contain all of the necessary information. Following is an overview of how to submit payment to the Commission in the proper manner.

Tips for Submitting Payment to the Oklahoma Tax Commission

How can you keep yourself from getting involved in a tax problem over improper submission of your tax payments to the Oklahoma Tax Commission? Follow the tips listed below:

  1. Before submitting the check, make sure that the amount written on the check matches the numeric amount.
  2. Ensure that the check is made out for the amount indicated on the document that you are submitting.
  3. Include the Federal Employer Identification Number or the Social Security Number to which the payment should be applied.
  4. Indicate the tax type that you are submitting payment for as well as the applicable filing period.
  5. Ensure that the check is made payable to the “Oklahoma Tax Commission.”


If you are already involved in a tax problem with the state of Oklahoma, it is important to act carefully and with the guidance of an experienced legal professional. We have helped countless clients just like you to resolve their tax issues in the best possible manner. Check out our client testimonials page today to learn more.