Isn’t it the IRS agent’s job to help me resolve my tax problems? Why do I get the feeling that we are on opposite sides?

The reason that you feel that you are on opposite sides is because you and the IRS agent have competing goals. While you both want your tax issues settled quickly, your IRS agent wants you to pay your full amount of back taxes, including interests and penalties, as quickly as possible. It is not the IRS agent’s job to think about what that would cost you. Instead, it is the IRS agent’s job to do what his superiors require of him and to get as much of the money you owe as fast as possible.

You may have the best of intentions and genuinely want to pay your tax debt. However, you may not have the money to do so without sacrificing your financial security or standard of living. The IRS agent may not care about that, but that doesn’t mean that nobody is on your side.

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