If the IRS is offering me a payment plan or other solution to my tax debt, why should I hire an Oklahoma City tax lawyer?

The IRS has a goal. That goal is not to look out for your best interests, but rather to get the most money from you in the shortest possible amount of time. That means that any payment plan or other compromise suggested by the IRS furthers its own goal and not your individual goals.

The initial plan suggested by the IRS is not necessarily the final plan that will be accepted. You may have room to negotiate your repayment strategy and/or reduce the amount that you owe to the government. However, the IRS may be unwilling to suggest these alternative tax solutions to you, and you may not be aware that they exist.

Accordingly, you might benefit from hiring an experienced Oklahoma City tax attorney who understands how the IRS works, who understands your rights, and who is not afraid to zealously advocate for a fair and equitable solution to your IRS tax problems.

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