I own a small retail store, and given the ongoing recession, I've had a tough time keeping up on my sales taxes. Won't the Oklahoma Tax Commission forgive my tardiness and allow me to forward the funds later, when I have more cash?

Good luck with that! In many ways, the Oklahoma Tax Commission is like the IRS. If you fail to file your federal taxes for a given year, with the excuse that you simply can't afford to pay them, the feds will not be impressed by this argument—and you may wind up with a lien slapped on your house or a garnished paycheck. By the same token, the OTC simply can't afford to empathize with your plight and allow you to pay your sales taxes “later” rather than sooner.  If they treated you this way, they'd have to extend this courtesy to every other struggling business in Oklahoma, and soon after, the state government would be so starved of operating funds that it would have to shut down.

If you persist in not paying your sales taxes, the OTC won't patiently wait for the economy to recover and your business to improve. Rather, you may have your Oklahoma business permit revoked, which will effectively force you to close your doors—and even though you no longer have a livelihood, you will still be on the hook for the sales tax you collected (or failed to collect) while your business was open. At this point, the OTC can pursue you personally, attaching your bank accounts or attempting to seize your property in order to make good on your debt.

If you're a business owner in Oklahoma who's currently in hock to the OTC, you need an experienced tax lawyer at your side who can negotiate with the authorities and secure the best possible outcome to your case. Intrigued? Call the Oklahoma sales tax experts at Travis W. Watkins, PC (800-721-7054) to find out what we can do for you today!