I'm facing a huge tax bill. Why can't I just reasonably explain to the IRS revenue officer that this is my first offense and I've never been in trouble with the authorities before?

Well, you can certainly try, and you may even be successful. Some IRS revenue officers have a knack for empathetic, straightforward communication. These agents may be willing to check your claims for past compliance against the existing record and treat you gently when it comes to penalties and interest payments.

Do you really want to take that chance, though? More often than you'd like to hear, a first-time offender finds himself face-to-face with an inflexible, unyielding IRS revenue officer who is completely uninterested in his past compliance with the law. Perhaps the agent is having a bad day, or is under pressure to increase his collections; whatever the reason, he'll sit there stony-faced as you try to explain how you've been a law-abiding citizen for most of your life.

This is where an experienced Oklahoma tax lawyer can help. An IRS agent may not be warm and touchy-feely, but he will certainly be trained in the finer points of tax law. An Oklahoma tax attorney can express your past compliance in language the revenue officer understands. Not “I've been married for 25 years, I've put three kids through school, and I've always paid my mortgage and my taxes on time until now,” but “As you can see from these documents, Mr. Smith has been fully compliant with the Oklahoma tax code and, in fact, overpaid his taxes for this specific year and did not take this particular deduction to which he was entitled.” Get the idea?

It's no small matter to go ‘mano-a-mano’ against an IRS revenue officer. If you live in Tulsa, Norman, or Oklahoma City, contact the Oklahoma tax experts at Travis W. Watkins, PC (800-721-7054) for a free consultation today!