I know I have IRS troubles, but I also have a job and a life. It seems like the IRS Revenue Officer assigned to my case is dictating what is done and when. Don’t I have any rights if I am having tax problems in Oklahoma?

Since it is the IRS, and not you, that is initiating action, it is the IRS, and not you, that is dictating the terms of that action. In other words, the IRS notice(s) that you receive are going to tell you what you have to do and the deadline for doing it. 

However, that does not mean that you are helpless and that you don’t have options. While you should take the IRS notice(s) seriously and respond to IRS notices, some of the terms of those notices may be negotiable. You just need to know how to negotiate with the IRS—or you could work with an experienced Oklahoma City tax lawyer if you are having tax problems in Oklahoma.

Our Oklahoma City tax attorneys will review the notices that you have received from the IRS and talk about your tax problems with you. Then, we will help you resolve your Oklahoma tax problems to the best of our ability.

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