I have unpaid payroll taxes. How can I make this problem go away quickly?

You made a mistake. Most business owners make a mistake at one time or another—though not all of them make a tax mistake and have potential IRS problems. The IRS considers payroll taxes a high priority. It is your responsibility to collect and submit federal income tax, Social Security, and Medicare for your employees. Accordingly, these types of payroll taxes are considered trust-fund taxes. If you fail to pay them, the IRS may equate the failure to pay with theft.

You want, and need, this problem to go away quickly before the IRS forces your business to close and pay the outstanding taxes. One way to fight back and protect your business is to contact an experienced Norman tax lawyer. Your tax attorney can find out exactly what is going on, help protect your legal rights, and advocate for a fair settlement with the IRS. You won’t have to guess at what is going on or whether you could’ve negotiated a better deal with the government. Instead, you can trust that your rights have been protected.

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