I have dodged the IRS for years, and I know it's wrong. Can I just continue to 'fly under the radar' and ride out the storm? I'm scared but afraid to wake the sleeping giant...

You may be expecting me to categorically say "file and pay your taxes," but there are some legitimate circumstances where complacency is the best weapon.  I can say that purposeful complacency is the best strategy in year 8 or 9 of the (10 year) IRS statute of limitations or CSED (literally "Collection Statute Expiration Date"), assuming there is no levy activity in the works.  You can determine this by requesting your IRS transcript without waking the sleeping giant.

That said, the sluggish IRS usually catches up with most taxpayers, or non-taxpayers as the case may be.  The penalties and interest, including criminal penalties for failure to file in some cases, make it not worth dodging the IRS long-term.  Besides, it's your civic duty anyway.  No, ask Wesley Snipes.  It's the law.  So, file and pay your taxes. 

If you haven't filed and/or paid, man up and get some help from a local, licensed lawyer.  Reclaim your dignity and the respect of your spouse or significant other.  Do it for your kids!  It's time to be able to open a real bank account you put your money in, take home your full paycheck and stop running.  OKC tax lawyer, Travis Watkins, can help you!  He sees it and helps others like you every day.  Call 405-607-1192.   

Travis Watkins
Senior Tax Attorney