I "Googled" Travis Watkins and an ad banner came up for some other law firm. Is Travis affiliated with someone other than Travis W. Watkins, P.C. and traviswatkins.com?

No.  The "other guys" are at it again.  It has come to our attention from a puzzled consumer that an unscrupulous lawyer has purchased the search term "travis watkins" in Google's AdWords "pay-per-click" campaign. The intent of this sharp tactic is clear: use Travis Watkins' good name and tax experience to confuse and mislead Oklahoma taxpayers into mistakenly hiring another lawyer for their tax problem. 

ALWAYS check out a lawyer's background and reputation with the authoritative source of lawyer reviews, Martindale Hubbell.  Martindale works on a "peer review" rating system, which means that judges and other lawyers rate the lawyer's abilities.  Travis Watkins has attained an "AV" (Preeminent) Rating with Martindale.

When it comes to hiring the best Oklahoma tax lawyer, all lawyers are not created equal.  Accept no imitations when hiring an Oklahoma City tax lawyer.  Reach the real Travis Watkins today at 1-800-721-7054.