I didn't file my taxes in 2007, and the IRS hasn't contacted me yet. Am I out of the woods?

No, you're not. Many Oklahoma residents are under the mistaken impression that, if the IRS hasn't contacted them about non-payment of taxes within a certain amount of time, they have somehow gotten “lost in the system” or their entire tax file has been deleted from some mythical central computer.

If you don't earn all that much in the first place—say, $15,000 to $20,000 dollars per year—you may even succeed in convincing yourself that the IRS considers you “small potatoes” and has decided to go after wealthier transgressors instead.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is, the IRS is a vast bureaucracy, and government functionaries and computer programs occasionally lose track of individual taxpayers. But, in the majority of cases, these errors are self-correcting, and your supposedly “forgotten” file will eventually land on the desk of an eager revenue officer.

If you don't file a return for a given year, there's no IRS statute of limitations stating they must call off its dogs after a certain amount of time has elapsed. You potentially are on the hook for that tax debt until the day you die. (The situation is different if you do file a return, and then are sent a tax bill by the IRS. In that case, they have ten years to attempt to collect the debt, after which they're the ones out of luck).

If you have failed to file your taxes for any given year, or for years on end, then your best strategy is to hire an expert Oklahoma tax lawyer who can negotiate with the IRS (which will find you out sooner or later). Call the Oklahoma tax attorneys at Travis W. Watkins, PC to schedule your free case consultation today at  800-721-7054!