I am a small business owner in Oklahoma. I am behind on my both my business and personal taxes. I don’t want this problem to affect my family, so I am thinking of paying my personal taxes first and ignoring my business taxes until I have the money to pay. Is this a good idea?

No. While we understand your thinking, it is important to recognize that your business tax debt and your personal tax debt are two different matters before the IRS. While it is good that you are paying down your personal tax debt, you can’t simply ignore the business tax debt. The IRS will not be satisfied that you are making progress toward paying your outstanding tax liability simply because you are paying your personal tax debt.

Additionally, it is not just your personal tax debt that could create financial problems for your family. Your business tax debt could ultimately cause you to go out of business, and your family will be without your income. Furthermore, the failure of your business may not erase your tax liability, and you will still be stuck with the bill.

Accordingly, it is important to address both your personal back taxes and your business back taxes with the help of an experienced Tulsa tax attorney. For more information about how a Tulsa tax lawyer may be able to help you, please contact us today at 800-721-7054. We also invite you to download a FREE copy of our book, The Ultimate Survival Guide for IRS Problems, to learn more.