How do I submit an audit reconsideration to the IRS? Is this the best move for me if I disagree with an audit? Should I file myself or consult a Norman tax attorney first?

You ask three different, but important, questions about what to do if you disagree with an IRS audit. Generally, if you disagree with the results of an audit done by the IRS then you can file for an audit reconsideration. Unlike most IRS procedures, there is currently not a specific IRS form that you need to file when you are requesting an audit reconsideration. Instead, you simply need to make the request in writing and provide proof of why the audit result was wrong.

For some taxpayers, an audit reconsideration may be an important tool in resolving your outstanding federal tax issues. However, that is not universally true and there may be other, more appropriate, solutions for you.

Thus, it is important to consult with an experienced Norman tax lawyer as soon as possible. An Oklahoma tax lawyer can review your case, explain all of your legal options to you, and zealously advocate for a fair and just outcome to your IRS problems.

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