If the IRS accepts an offer in compromise, will a tax lien on Oklahoma property be automatically released?

An IRS tax lien on Oklahoma property should be released once all of the terms of your offer in compromise have been satisfied. That means that the tax lien will not be released when the IRS has accepted your offer in compromise, but rather when you have finished paying the IRS, pursuant to the terms agreed upon in the offer in compromise.

For many reasons, it is important to draft a good offer in compromise and to comply with the agreement’s terms. One of those reasons is to prevent a tax lien from affecting you, the marketability of your property, and your credit rating for any longer than necessary.

If you are handling your own offer in compromise, then it is important to follow up with the IRS and to make sure that the tax lien on your Oklahoma property has been removed when the terms of your offer in compromise have been satisfied. If, however, you are working with an Oklahoma tax lawyer, then your attorney may follow through and make sure that the lien has been released and no longer encumbers your property when you satisfy the terms of your IRS offer in compromise.

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