Can you represent me outside the State of Oklahoma?

Yes.  IRS Circular 230 advises that once a taxpayer has properly completed an IRS Form 2848, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative, I am eligible to practice before the IRS on behalf of any taxpayer located in any United States jurisdiction with respect to all matters administered by the IRS.

My eligibility to practice before the IRS arises from being a licensed attorney in the State of Oklahoma and in good standing with the Oklahoma Bar Association.  I am not licensed to practice law generally in any other jurisdiction on a recurring basis.  Rather, the Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct govern such limited and temporary representation. 

My office does not maintain offices or other systematic and continuous presence outside the State of Oklahoma, nor is it our intent to do so.  All work on any matter administered by the IRS for taxpayers outside Oklahoma will nonetheless be performed in the State of Oklahoma. We attempt to maintain the highest ethical standards, and we comply with all state rules of professional conduct and may associate with a lawyer or firm admitted to practice in states other than Oklahoma, to the extent necessary as deemed by that state's bar association.