How can I make sure that an IRS lien withdrawal is communicated to the credit bureaus so that I am not adversely affected?

You worked hard to make sure that you could get an IRS lien withdrawal on your property. You, understandably, did not want to deal with the repercussions of a tax lien and you m ay have been concerned about your credit rating, your ability to borrow money, and the effect of a lien on your interest rates.

Now that the lien is withdrawn, you shouldn’t have to worry about the possible implications of a lien on your credit rating. However, until the credit bureaus have proof of your IRS lien withdrawal, the bureaus will likely assume that the tax lien is still in effect.

Accordingly, it is important to be proactive in informing the credit bureaus about the IRS lien withdrawal in a way that can’t later be disputed. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this goal is to request that the IRS notify the credit bureaus, and any financial institutions, creditors or other interested parties of its lien withdrawal. This will not happen automatically when you request a lien withdrawal. Instead, it is something that you need to request of the IRS—and that you and your Oklahoma tax lawyer should make sure happens.

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