An IRS revenue officer visited my home, and he proceeded to wander from room to room, writing in a notebook. Was there anything I could have done to stop him?

Well, your first mistake—as you've probably figured out by now—was to allow the IRS revenue officer into your residence in the first place. Many taxpayers are sufficiently intimidated by the government that they believe things will go worse for them if they deny entry to an IRS agent, rather than insisting on having a lawyer present. The fact is, the IRS revenue officer won't be impressed by your hospitality. In fact, given your initial blunder, he'll probably try to take full advantage of you!

Once an IRS agent is inside your home, it's extremely difficult to keep him from snooping around. You can, of course, insist in a loud voice that the IRS agent leave your premises immediately, but he will certainly take his time complying with your request, pretending not to hear, or asking you irrelevant questions, as he continues to take stock of your possessions. Since you allowed him into your home, the police won't be interested in physically extracting him; your only recourse may be to call a lawyer right then and there and ask him to make a house call!

At the law firm of Travis W. Watkins, PC, we know that dealing with IRS revenue officers is a very delicate matter, and one which should be handled only by an experienced Oklahoma tax lawyer. But it's not too late: even if the agent has gathered his incriminating evidence, an advocate can still fight on your behalf in court or at a hearing. Contact our Oklahoma tax experts today at 800-721-7054 for a free consultation!