I am an A-Alley business owner, and I’m behind on my taxes. Should I call the IRS if I have questions about filing an offer in compromise?

As an A-Alley business owner, making important financial decisions is an everyday task. You should treat your back tax problems as if you would treat any other important business decision. In other words, you should gather all of the facts and weigh all of the pros and cons before making a decision on how to proceed.

It sounds like that’s what you’re doing if you’re considering calling the IRS to ask questions about filing an offer in compromise. However, the IRS revenue officer assigned to your case may not be the best person to ask for advice. After all, it’s the revenue officer’s job (and that of other IRS workers) to get you to pay the most amount of money in the least amount of time.

While that might be one solution to your tax problems, it may not be the only solution. Instead, you may be able to file an offer in compromise or pursue another form of accepted alternative solution that is, in the short and/or long term, better for you.

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