2012 is turning out to be a blockbuster for celebrity tax trouble.  This time, it's Terius Nash a/k/a "the Dream."  He owes a $117,000 tax debt to the State of Georgia.  The Dream is a music producer, whose directed hits include "Umbrella," by Rihanna.  The Dream just recently inked his divorce from singer-songwriter/model/actress, Christian Milian. 

The $117,000 tax debt started as a $60,500 state income tax debt that ballooned into this monster, given the penalties and interest associated with the principal.

I dream of tax relief

As The Dream can tell you, state tax troubles can be as devastating as IRS problems.  Often, state liabilities run side by side with federal tax issues, and state agencies are often tougher in the immediate sense than the IRS.  The Oklahoma Tax Commission, for example, will hire an outside collection firm to ruin your credit and sue for a judgment to collect its debt.  This is in addition to state tax warrants, liens and adverse credit effects you may already have. 

The penalties and interest that compound with the debt can also be back breaking.  But there is hope, even against the Oklahoma Tax Commission when it comes to penalties and interest. 

Don't go it alone against the Oklahoma Tax Commission.  Call a local, licensed Oklahoma tax lawyer to help you out.  Call me, Travis Watkins, today at 1-800-721-7054. 
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