Would a Taxpayer Bill of Rights Prevent Problems in Oklahoma?

It is time for the IRS, and others, to face facts. Sometimes an individual taxpayer or a business is accused of owing taxes that they really should not owe. Instead, the accusation is made because of an IRS error or because getting information from the IRS can be such an ordeal.

Taxpayer Bill of Rights Suggested

In order to boost confidence in the IRS, the Taxpayer Advocate Service, an oversight arm of the IRS, recently suggested that the agency should develop a Taxpayer Bill of Rights during 2014. The purpose of the bill of rights would be to provide 10 essential guarantees that are easy for taxpayers to find and understand. Among the proposed guarantees are the right to appeal a tax bill and the right pay the correct amount of tax. The hope is that this document will improve confidence in the IRS.

Know Your Rights if You are Accused of Owing IRS Back Taxes

Maybe a Taxpayer Bill of Rights would work. Maybe it would not. However, if you owe taxes right now, your focus needs to be on how you can resolve your outstanding tax problems.

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What do you think should be included in a Taxpayer Bill of Rights that would help others avoid the situation you now face? Please leave a blog comment and let us know your thoughts.

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