You are going through a difficult time. You and your spouse may be having problems, you may be separating, or you may be filing for divorce. At the same time, you’ve learned that your spouse has made a tax mistake and that the IRS wants to hold you both accountable.

The Silver Lining: Your Oklahoma Marriage Problems May Help Resolve Your IRS Tax Problems

While the end of your marriage may be a time of unhappiness or uncertainty, it can help you establish that you are the innocent spouse. In order to make an innocent spouse defense, you need to establish that you did not know about the actions (or inactions) that your spouse was taking. This could be more convincing to the IRS if you are having marital problems. The IRS may assume that because you are separating or divorcing you were not communicating and, thus, really didn’t know about the mistakes or purposeful actions of your spouse. 

The IRS may be even more convinced of your innocence if your divorce proceedings are contentious or nasty. While our Oklahoma City tax lawyers wouldn’t wish a difficult divorce on anyone, we encourage you not to hide the brutal details of your divorce from your lawyer or the IRS. 

Don’t Go Through This Alone – Resolve Your IRS Tax Problems With the Help of an Experienced Lawyer

If you are an innocent spouse, and you find yourself in trouble with the IRS because of your spouse or ex-spouse, then we encourage you to contact an experienced Oklahoma City tax attorney today at 800-721-7054 for more information. We also invite you to read our FREE book, The Ultimate Survival Guide for IRS Problems, to learn more.

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