An IRS Advisory Group Manager Approves Tax Lien Subordinations

If you are facing a federal tax lien that is tying up your property, you may have begun exploring alternative solutions to your problem. One such potential solution is to obtain a subordination of the federal tax debt in order to allow you to take a loan against or sell the property. Simply completing an application, however, does not automatically mean that your request will be granted. Instead, you must pass through a decision-making process overseen by the Internal Revenue Service.

The Tax Lien Subordination Decision Making Process

How does this decision making process work? The following is an overview:

  1. Advisory staff at the Internal Revenue Service review and verify the information that you provide.
  2. The Advisory staff then decides whether a certificate of subordination should be issued. Ultimately, this decision must be made and approved by the Advisory Group Manager.
  3. If the Advisory staff has questions and needs to obtain additional information, they will contact you, your representative, or any person who is relevant to the transaction.
  4. The Advisory Group Manager will contact you to let you know the outcome of the determination.
  5. Taxpayers who are approved in their request for subordination will receive a conditional commitment letter.

To improve your chances of having your request approved when seeking a tax lien subordination, it is important to provide all necessary information to the IRS. Seeking assistance from an experienced attorney can make it more likely that your pursuit of subordination will be successful. We are here to help. We encourage you to reach out by calling our toll free number today at (800) 721-7054.


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