You used to be able to work and earn an income, but now your disability keeps you from working. You may still owe income taxes from the time when you were able to earn an income, but you are unable to pay the IRS the money that you owe. There simply isn’t enough money to satisfy your tax obligation and keep a roof over your head.

You Need Help Now

Although you have a disability that interferes with a major life function, such as work, you cannot ignore the IRS notices that you receive. However, while you must respond to the IRS notices, you may not have to pay your outstanding tax debt. Depending on your personal circumstances, you may have legal options to avoid paying the debt that the government says you owe.

Oklahoma taxpayers with disabilities may, for example, qualify for currently not collectible status with the IRS. Currently not collectible (CNC) status is sometimes referred to as hardship status and may allow tax payments to be deferred until such time as a person can pay the outstanding debt or the statute of limitations for collecting the debt expires. Other solutions for taxpayers with disabilities may also exist.

Our Oklahoma City Tax Lawyers Welcome Oklahoma Taxpayers with Disabilities

We want to help make your life easier. We want the IRS to do the right thing.

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