You didn’t do it. You may have made mistakes in the past (with your taxes or otherwise), but the notice that you received from the IRS simply isn’t true. You are confident that you do not owe the taxes that the Internal Revenue Service says that you owe and you have the documentation to prove it. However, you don’t have a whole lot of money to fight the IRS claim. Should you consider a doubt as to liability offer? Can you afford to file and fight the IRS claim?

Know the Truth About Doubt as to Liability Offer Costs

The IRS does not currently charge taxpayers an application fee to file a doubt as to liability offer, nor does the IRS require a deposit with a doubt as to liability offer. That is because you are contesting the accuracy of the IRS tax assessment.

If your doubt as to liability offer is not accepted and another alternative solution is not reached then you will be liable for the entirety of the IRS tax bill plus interest and possible penalties. Accordingly, it is important to fight the IRS claim aggressively by contacting an experienced Tulsa tax attorney. You may have to pay for legal help, but it may be less than what the IRS says that you owe and could ultimately be a good financial investment for you.

Call an Experienced Tulsa Tax Lawyer for More Information

To learn more about your legal rights and the costs of filing a doubt as to liability offer, please contact a Tulsa tax lawyer today at 800-721-7054 and please read our FREE book, The Ultimate Survival Guide for IRS Problems.

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