TMZ has again broken the news on the newest celebrity facing IRS trouble.  This time it is super-model Christie Brinkley.  She owes $532,000 in back taxes, and has vowed to pay back every penny today.  She blames a recently filed tax lien against her on sheer ignorance of the situation, her high-priced accountants, and the general ailing health of her elderly parents.  There is no indication that her finances will prevent her from making today's payment as promised.

This story serves as another solemn reminder that Americans at all walks of life are subject to the strong arm of the IRS.  Luckily for this celebrity, it appears that she will be able to pay her liabilities in full.  Although Brinkley does not appear to be seeking any reduction in the amount she owes, the reasons she offered for not paying on time appear credible and would be legitimate bases to abate the massive penalties that have likely accrued against her debt.  Watch my video for other legitimate reasons you may have experienced in failing to file or pay your taxes on time.  The IRS calls these circumstances "reasonable cause" for forgiving penalties and the interest associated with those penalties, and the IRS rountinely approves about half of the requests. 

Call me today at 1-800-721-7054 to discuss putting together your best arguments for "reasonable cause" to forgive those crippling penalties you have been dragging along.
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