People often wonder just how high a tax bill can get. If you owe taxes to the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) or Internal Revenue Service (IRS), then you know how quickly back taxes, interest, and penalties can add up. You know how difficult it can be to climb out of the hole.

Top 10 Oklahoma Tax Delinquencies

Some individuals and businesses have found it more difficult than others to solve their tax problems. The OTC regularly maintains a list of the state’s, “Top 100 Tax Delinquencies.” That list would be too long to include in this blog, but as of April 11, 2013 the top 10 tax delinquencies in Oklahoma, as identified by the OTC included:

  1. An income tax debt of $ 90,511,651.33.
  2. An income tax debt of $ 21,995,876.29.
  3. An income tax debt of $ 9,620,833.98.
  4. An income tax debt of $ 8,348,106.46.
  5. An income tax debt of $ 4,716,017.56.
  6. A sales tax debt of $ 3,968,703.00.
  7. A sales tax debt of $ 2,620,423.55.
  8. A sales tax debt of an undisclosed amount.
  9. An income tax debt of $ 2,602,905.80.
  10. An income tax debt of $ 2,560,030.06

We have left off the names and companies associated with these tax debts for privacy reasons, though that information is available on the OTC website.

Call a Tulsa Tax Lawyer if You Owe Back Taxes

Please contact an experienced Tulsa tax attorney if you owe back taxes, interest and/or penalties. We can be reached at 800-721-7054. You can also learn more about your rights in our FREE book, The Ultimate Survival Guide for IRS Problems.

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