The Allegory of the Talking Horse

Once upon a time in a land far, far away a King lived in a castle.  One evening, the King's guards awakened the King in the middle of the night to inform him that a rogue, a knave even, had broken into the castle to pay a visit to the King's only daughter, a fair maiden.

Insensed, the King ordered the rogue to the brig to await his fate the next morning: beheading by the King's executioner.  The King's daughter pled for her lover's life, but the King would not save his life.

"But father," she said.  "If you will give him but one year to live, he can give you something that you do not already have." "And, what would that be?" asked the King, a man of great wealth and property.  "This 'rogue' possesses a very valuable skill. If you give him but a year to live," she continued, "he will teach your favorite horse to talk."  The King laughed and scratching his head pensively remarked, "this rogue could not do that if I gave him 10 years to do it."  His daughter replied, "but, you are always saying how you love that horse, and imagine how you will be admired for having your prized possession speak to you as another subject would."  "If he can't accomplish the task, you are out nothing, and you can kill him as you intend anyway.  But, if he accomplishes the task, you must let him go."  The King thought about it long and hard, and vanity gave way to logic.  He begrudgingly agreed "one year, and one year only!" as he stormed out the door.

When the King and his subjects were out of earshot, the rogue grabbed the King's daughter and screamed "what are you doing? Horses can't talk, and I certainly can't change that.  In a year, I will be discovered as a fraud, and your father will be even more furious than he is right now.  Oh, I'm doomed.  I'm doomed!"

Without hesitation, the King's daughter replied, "I have given you the most valuable gift that anyone in your situation could recieve.  For, you see, I have given you the gift of time, and all things are possible given the gift of time. In a year, my father could see my love for you and accept you as a worthy admirer, or he could forget, or he could (God forbid) die of the plague.  You see, with the gift of time, all things are possible.  You are only doomed without more time.

So, it is with a tax problem. What could you do with just another year of time?  Could you raise some more money, sell some property, watch the IRS' 10 year statute of limitations slip away and die like the plague? With time, all things are possible. Without it, only then are you truly doomed.  If you are running out of it quickly, we sell the valuable gift of time here at the Law Offices of Travis W. Watkins, P.C.  Get some (or some more) of it today. 

Travis Watkins
Senior Tax Attorney
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