Three Reasons Not to Let a CPA Represent You before the IRS or OTC

We can’t speak to the quality of work that your specific CPA did on your taxes, nor do we know for sure how your CPA would do at protecting you during a tax dispute with the IRS. However, as experienced Tulsa tax lawyers, we encourage you to find out the reasons you might think twice about hiring a CPA to represent you before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC).

Three Reasons to Hesitate before Hiring a CPA for This Job

Before you agree to let a CPA represent you before the IRS or OTC, consider whether:

  1. This CPA, or another CPA, got you into trouble in the first place
  2. This CPA has the advocacy skills necessary to help you
  3. You really need to do this right the first time

Remember, there are other ways to get help with an IRS problem. A CPA or accountant is not your only choice. 

Call a Tulsa Tax Attorney for More Information

Our Tulsa tax lawyers will not prepare your annual tax returns. That’s not our job. For that job, a CPA or other professional tax preparer may be of assistance you. However, if you are already in trouble with the IRS or OTC, or if you suspect that you could be in trouble, then we encourage you to contact our experienced Tulsa tax attorneys today for assistance. You can reach us via this website or by calling 800-721-7054 for a free consultation. We also invite you to read our FREE book, The Ultimate Survival Guide for IRS Problems, to learn more.

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