How to Request a Change from the Automated Collection Service to a Revenue Officer

Dealing with an unresolved IRS tax issue can create a great deal of stress in your personal and financial life. When the IRS contacts you to seek payment, this contact may come in the form of the Automated Collection Service, or it may be made by an IRS Revenue Officer assigned to a nearby collection office. Some taxpayers prefer working with one of these parties as opposed to the other; Unfortunately, changing from one to the other is not always easy or possible.

Requesting a Change from the Automated Collection Service to a Revenue Officer

Are you considering pursuing a change from the Automated Collection Service to a Revenue Officer? It is important to understand the following:

  • In some cases, the change may be automatic. You may contact the Automated Collection Service and be told that your case has been transferred to the nearest collection office. If this happens, you will be assigned to a Revenue Officer and the ACS will no longer be handling your case.
  • When your case is transferred from the ACS to a collection office, it may take many months before you hear from the Revenue Officer who is assigned to your case.
  • Unfortunately, while you wait for your case to be assigned to a Revenue Officer, there is not much you can do to resolve your tax problem. Your only options during this period are generally to pay off your tax debt or make voluntary payments towards the balance.
  • If your case was assigned to the ACS and you want to work with a Revenue Officer, you can make this request directly. The ACS may or may not grant your request.
  • However, If your case was assigned to a Revenue Officer from the start, you cannot request that it be reassigned to the ACS.

Before proceeding with a request for a change, we can help you understand whether it will be beneficial for your particular situation. We have helped many clients resolve their tax problems, and we can help you as well. We encourage you to learn more about the experience of our past clients by checking out our client testimonials today.

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