Should You Represent Yourself Vs. The IRS? Why Not?

Every year, thousands of people face an audit by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Once you have received a letter from the IRS, it is decision time. Do you try to represent yourself, or do you seek out the assistance of a professional tax attorney? You may think you can do it alone, but you may not fare as well as you initially think. 

The IRS Agents Are Experts

Agents that work for the IRS are experts in understanding the tax law, as well as the rights and powers that they possess. An audit from the IRS begins with a written notice from the agency to the recipient, the taxpayer. Once that notice is received, the ball is in your court with what you do with it. 

It is likely that the IRS is auditing you for a reason. They have computer algorithms, scoring systems that assist then in figuring out when people likely underreported income or failed to report any income at all. They use these methods to target individuals when choosing who to audit. No, an IRS audit is not a random selection. 

Representing Yourself

You may think you have nothing to hide, without knowing any of your rights and privileges with the IRS and the tax law. Where so many fail when representing themselves is by giving away too much information. They send everything to the revenue agent and in doing so, give off more data than is necessary, exposing themselves to potential added tax. It can also quickly expand the scope of the audit once the information is in the agent's hands. 

Tax Attorneys Work Within the Law and Rights

A tax attorney is going to understand the tax law in and out as well as the rights you have when under an IRS audit. There is an art form to working to limit what you give to the IRS regarding information. A tax attorney will know exactly how to go against IRS revenue agents, what to give them for information, what to withhold, etc. 

A prime example of benefitting from tax attorney knowledge is when the IRS requests to extend the applicable statute of limitations for the tax assessment. You may immediately think it is a bad idea, but it actually may benefit you. These difficult decisions are what make a tax attorney worth every penny spent. 

The cost of a tax attorney should not scare you. They are an advocate, working on your behalf to try and keep your tax money where it belongs, in your bank. Do not go at it alone. Take advantage of the knowledge of a professional tax attorney and put your best foot forward when faced with an impending IRS audit. Don't let fear of the unknown stop you from taking ownership of your taxes. The sinking feeling gnawing at you that your money or your freedom were at stake from tax issues is a burden in itself. It is possible to get to that place, but it starts with you. Be proactive and call a tax attorney that deals with the IRS every day! It's time to get your life back on track, call Travis W. Watkins Tax Resolution and Accounting Firm at 800-721-7054.

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Travis Watkins
Senior Tax Attorney
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