Out of State Tax Relief Scammers Are at it Again!

I have current clients that call me on occasion, out of breath, scared to death, telling me that they have just been contacted by some very official sounding quasi-governmental body (the Federal Relief Commission, the Internal Revenue Society, e.g.) alerting them that a federal tax lien has just been filed against them. A million questions run through their minds: how can this happen, does my lawyer know, Beware, these are out of town sales scammers calling to prey on your emotional vulnerability when you have a tax problem.

These ruthless scumbags will call you at work, call you at home, email you and send you mail in envelopes that look like IRS refund checks. Don’t be fooled! The IRS will NEVER call or email you directly to alert you about a federal tax lien. The only notice you will ever get from the government (or not get, if you don’t accept certified mail) is an official Notice of Federal Tax Lien on IRS Form 668.

If you are contacted by one of these salesmen, because that’s what they are, here are a few questions to flush them out (and maybe even have a little fun doing so):

  1. Does your outfit employ local, licensed Oklahoma lawyers that work with the IRS every day? If they answer yes, they are either lying or in violation of the Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys. Oklahoma attorneys are prohibited from unilaterally soliciting you directly by phone, and even in writing except in a very specific way involving conspicuous clear disclaimers on the correspondence they send you (see, for example, the disclaimer on this newsletter). Oklahoma attorneys are further prohibited from having others contact you directly for them, so as to get around the previous prohibition.
  2. Where  are Federal Tax Liens discharged or withdrawn in the State of Oklahoma? IRS Federal Tax Liens in Oklahoma are handled in one place: the IRS Lien Advisory Group in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The head man in charge is Jim Tinkler.  This ain’t just trivia. 
  3. Does your outfit provide a comprehensive, one-time, flat fee in writing to every client? Pop-up debt relief outfits are famous (or rather infamous) for getting you in the door with a low fee, then charging you more and more until you have reached the point of no return.  Remember, these con-men don’t answer to anybody, and their goal is to get rich as quick as possible, take bankruptcy if necessary and pop up under some other official sounding name, leaving you holding the bag.

Just look at the Taxmasters and J.K. Harris models that failed because they over-promised and under-delivered a bill of goods to unwary consumers.  I would not be surprised if the principles of failed tax relief firms were silent partners in some other outfit, contacting you directly and scaring the hell out of you this Halloween season!

We are local licensed attorneys that work with the IRS every day. We charge a one time flat rate. Call Oklahoma tax lawyer, Travis Watkins, at 800-721-7054 today!

Travis Watkins
Senior Tax Attorney
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