NLF Hall of Famer, Ken Stabler, Faces IRS Trouble

Former Alabama star quarterback and NFL Hall-of-Famer, Kenny ("the Snake") Stabler is facing $265,000 in back taxes.  That amount remains after Stabler sold his primary residence to pay back $157,000 toward the tax bill.  The taxes are both personal and from a failed business venture dating back as far as 1995.

The IRS filed the lawsuit to protect its 10 year statute of limitations in 2006 and to seize Stabler's primary residence at the time (not the property recently sold).  The IRS now has 20 years to collect the debt, due to the suit filing and judgment.  Stabler is 66 years old.

The IRS seized and sold Stabler's primary residence in 2006 over the objection of his non-liable spouse at the time.  Sale occurred anyway and Stabler's spouse received half of the proceeds. 

Now the IRS is going after the deficiencies left over after the 2 sales.  Stabler is virtually retired, but plans to request an installment agreement to satisfy the debts, which the IRS can now collect until Stabler is 86 years old.

In the meantime, the IRS can levy Stabler's social security at a rate of 15%.  The latest IRS actions cap off a rocky patch in Stabler's life that includes 3 divorces and 3 arrests for driving under the influence.  

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Travis Watkins
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