New Year's Tax Resolution 2012

My own behavior baffles me. I find myself doing what I hate, and not doing what I really want to do!”- Saint Paul (Romans 7:15)

It’s Christmas time again, and 2012 is right around the corner.  Have you paused a few moments and written your 2012 resolution yet?  Notice, I said resolution, not resolutions plural. 

I challenge every reader this new year to make 1 (and only 1) resolution on January 1.  Why?  Just think, if you made only 1 resolution each year for the last 10 years, and kept that annual resolution, you would have been 10 new behaviors, 10 new habits or 10 goals closer to a better life.  Instead, many go about aimlessly with a list of unfocused wants that likely recur from year to year, only to be dashed into disappointment (or gluttony) by February 1.    

What if one of those resolutions over the last 10 would have been to end your tax problem for good and get back on track with your taxes? 

If you suffered through 2011 with the baggage of 1 or more years of tax problems hanging over your head, do not put it off any longer.  Make ending your tax problem your 1 resolution in 2012. 

I know all the usual reasons tax problem folks start with good intentions, but never end the problem: the IRS is scary; they don’t think they have money right now to offer the IRS anything close to what they would accept to settle the problem; tax help is too expensive; the penalties and interest continue to accrue so they will never see light at the end of the tunnel; or maybe the IRS will just go away on its own.  In essence, all these concerns boil down to procrastination, a by-product of fear of the unknown.    

However, the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 is the best time in years to resolve tax problems with laser intensity.  We are in a recession/depression.  There has been some recovery, but the IRS realizes that Americans are hurting financially.  I have submitted offers in compromise, installment agreement requests and currently not collectible status requests this year for clients that I would have never dreamed would be approved in years’ past.  They are going through because of relaxed programs like the Streamlined Offer in Compromise, set to expire in March, 2012.  They are going through because many taxpayers have lost their jobs or their homes are being foreclosed upon.  Even if these scenarios don’t describe your situation, you might as well take advantage of the general tone that IRS collections has taken lately: get the money that you can from taxpayers, while you can.  This makes it even more important not to snooze or suffer through another year of tax problems, especially this one.    

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Is there any strategy to track the taxes over the year?
by Arun March 5, 2012 at 01:24 AM
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