Significant Reforms to Tax Laws and Procedures Are Coming

As the year comes to a close, Congress is gearing up to consider various reforms of the U.S. tax system. These reforms would provide some benefits to taxpayers, including preventing the IRS from continuously overreaching, and ensuring that the agency is held accountable for wrongdoing. It is important for taxpayers to understand these possible reforms.

6 Aspects of Tax Code Reform

What are some of the reforms up for consideration in Congress? The following is an overview:

  1. The IRS would no longer be able to apply gift tax to donors of non-profit organizations.
  2. IRS employees would no longer be able to use their personal email accounts for official business.
  3. Taxpayers would now have a bill of rights.
  4. The process for obtaining approval with regard to a non-profit corporation would be streamlined to be more clear and fair.
  5. The IRS would no longer be able to target specific groups of taxpayers based on their ideology. Instead, taxpayers would remain free to exercise their first amendment rights and following their political beliefs without risking being targeted by the IRS for an audit.
  6. The IRS would no longer give bonuses to current employees or hire new employees who have an outstanding tax debt.

The good news for taxpayers is that many of these reforms will provide significant benefits. This is a welcome change in an environment where people can sometimes find themselves facing overwhelming tax issues. If you are already dealing with a tax problem involving the IRS, we can help you find a resolution. Learn more about the experiences of our previous clients by checking out our client testimonials today.

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