The IRS has just issued a new audit guide to its field examiners to pinpoint errors in underreported income for cab drivers, bail bondsmen, beauticians/stylists, car washes, laundromats, mini-marts and scrap metal dealers.

These businesses have traditionally been predominately cash businesses, and the IRS is cracking down on them in its on-going quest to close the growing tax gap.  The guide is meant to educate agents on the methods these industries use to report less income.

                        Living room of audited cash-business owner, according to IRS agent
This means that if you derive your income from any of these industries, you are well served to know what the IRS is looking at in order to audit you.  Call my office at 405-607-1192 today for a free copy of the field examiners' guide. If you have already been contacted about an audit, let's talk today. 
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